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Herb Highlight: He Huan Pi (Mimosa Tree Bark)

By Sallie McKibben, LAc


When I think of a mimosa, I think of a sweet, delicious drink that makes me feel like I am floating in warm Hawaiian waters, blissful and carefree. The bark of the mimosa tree has a similar effect, sans the alcohol. This beautiful, flowering tree can be spotted all over the Portland-metro area, and features fuzzy pink-white flowers. He Huan Pi is a gentle herb that calms, relaxes, relieves pent up emotions, and also moves blood to relieve pain and swelling. This is an excellent herb for our stressed-out society, and I especially like to use this for patients with fibromyalgia due to its pain-relieving abilities. If you would like a free herbal consultation to find out if Chinese herbs would be a good option for you, please sign-up by following the link below or call our clinic and schedule your consultation: 503-658-7715.

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