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Emerging From Winds of Change into the Giddiness of Summer

May 6th marks the first day of Summer in the the Chinese lunar calendar this year, and as such you may notice tempers calming down as we emerge from the livery Spring into the heart-filled Summer. Chinese theory maintains that Spring is the season of wood, which means growth, renewal, the start of projects, and inspiration. This also means that Spring is the season of frustration, irritability, and growing pains. Have you noticed this the past several months?

During the past two weeks, however, we have gone through the Earth element, which is a "return to the center" before passing into the next season. During the two weeks of Earth, it is good to eat bland and nutritional foods, such as congee (a rice porridge often eaten when sick or recuperating from illness). If care isn't taken, many people will find themselves getting sick during this period of transition from one season to the next. This transition seems to have been extra potent, as many serious colds and flu have been passing around the past few weeks.

So now we have just entered into Summer, the fire season. This is the season of laughter, communication, and the filling out and continuation of projects. Of course, balance is required in all things, so drink plenty of water, and remember to rest when you are tired. The Heart time of day is from 11am to 1pm, and this is a great time to slow down, reflect on your day and where you are at, what you would like to accomplish in the later half of the day, and maybe take a short nap. Be cautious with eating cold foods and drinks, although if you become nauseous after consuming these, just remember to drink some warm ginger tea to reverse the cold damage.

The Heart loves to be open and soft, so remember this summer to sit back and take it easy from time to time. Soak up some sun, catch up with old friends, and share some music that moves you.

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