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Miraculous Cures

By Satya Ambrose, ND, LAc

Pelvic X-Ray

Two weekends ago we had a very exciting seminar on miraculous cases.

We went over cases together that had eluded other healthcare practitioners. This is very exciting, because this is what we do in our clinic. And it is our goal to bring this information to other practitioners.

Below is a summary of two of the cases that were presented during the seminar and our treatment, one on a severe case of osteoporosis and the second on spontaneous pneumothorax (lung collapse). These are examples of the healing we can do with our medicine.

Case one - Osteoporosis: a 69 year-old woman came to me many years ago with a diagnosis of osteoporosis. She could not tolerate the Fosamax medication that was prescribed by her PCP she got sever gastric problems. She was also very concerned about the side effect osteonecrosis – or the breakdown of the hip joint and jaw joint. I prescribed her an exercise program that included balance exercises to prevent falling and I gave her a supplement called Osteoprime. 15 years later her bone density is better than it used to be. The MD that originally prescribed Fosamax performed a follow up visit and wanted to prescribe Fosamax again, but she asked if she could consult with an endocrinologist. She went to an endocrinologist who looked thoroughly at her bone density scan and found that they had originally misread her results due to misaligned joints. They interpreted the crooked joints as lack of bone deposit, so she was actually osteopenic rather than osteoporotic. And, she had improved her bone density with our treatment; the endocrinologist advised her to continue doing what she has been doing because her bone density scans clearly showed increased bone density with her recent treatments, plus, she did not need the medication.

So what does Osteoprime have in it? It has vitamin D, vitamin K and lots of different bone building minerals combined together. That in addition with an exercise routine helped maintain her bones, which for a healthy 84-year-old woman is amazing.

It is very important to know that more than 500 mg of calcium can increase cardiac problems like heart attacks. A recent study in New Zealand followed many women who used high levels of calcium supplements had the highest risk of heart attack. Also, taking too much Vitamin D without sufficient calcium can deplete bone calcium which is very precious to us.

– I prescribe 2000 IU's of Vitamin D; anything more than that needs to have lab tests to determine Vitamin D status. I also limit calcium to no more than 500 mg. I also advise to take a combination of magnesium, boron, strontium, silica, and zinc, all of the minerals that would be in a bone mineral broth. Do all we can to keep our bones strong until we done here.

Case two, Spontaneous pneumothorax:

A 46-year-old female with a collapsed lung, also known as pneumothorax, came to the clinic. She had had several lung collapse events previously and required ER services to reinflate her lung. This procedure is very painful and difficult, but necessary and life-saving. She was going to need a very invasive surgery, because re-inflation was not working. She came to the clinic and asked for help determining the cause of the recurrent collapsed lung. After researching, I found that it is caused by low levels of surfactant which allows normal expansion, lubrication and contraction of the lung tissue. I studied surfactant, what it is made of, how it is made, and why someone might not make enough of it. It turns out that there are two ingredients we can supplement with which might help us produce more surfactant - glutathione and choline. We initiated these two supplements, treated some subclinical infections that were causing inflammation, and supported her immune system. She has not had another episode of pneumothorax to date by following this treatment for 6 years which is statistically unlikely. We were able to help.

It is wonderful that we have access to the world of chemistry, nutrients, and kindness, which are essential for creating a healing environment. If we collaborate with each other, various practitioners, and the patients themselves, we are more likely to discover the underlying cause of the illness, which is the point of healing.

I am very grateful to have the team of excellent doctors and practitioners working with me in our clinic, as well as the incredible, brave, and wonderful patients that partner with us in healing. We are available for questions and conversation at 503-658-7715.

Wishing you the best of health,

Satya Ambrose, ND, LAc

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