Xinyu Steve Fu, MD, Ph.D

I was born and raised in China in a doctors family. My father was a renowned general and oncologic surgeon and leading cancer research scientist in China, my mom was an ophthalmologist. Growing up as a child, I witnessed their passion and dedication to patients and medicine. I made up my mind to follow their path.

I graduated from China Medical University in 1988 and came to US in 1990. I started my career by engaging in cancer research and published a number of important papers in leading scientific journals. I attended University of California, San Diego and obtained my Ph.D. in 1998. I received my internal medicine residency training at Brown University in Rhode Island from 1998 to 2001 and oncology fellowship training at Harvard University in Boston Massachusetts from 2001 to 2004.

I have a great passion and personal interest in Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. When I was in medical school, my mom suffered a stroke with hemiplegia. At that time, I did acupuncture on her and the result was miraculous, she eventually made a full recovery without any residuals! This experience for me was life-changing. To this day, with my practice of hematology and oncology, I am always willing and eager to incorporate Chinese and naturopathic medicine in my patient care. In fact, I believe in treating the whole person rather than an organ or a disease.

My practice in hematology and oncology involves traditional cancer therapy, cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy, as well as benign blood diseases. I work closely with naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners. My goal of care is to bring my patients the best of the Western and Eastern medicine.

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Dr. Fu is accepting new patients by referral only.