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Kara Crisp, ND

I am a scientist at heart and earned a degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University in 2005.  I knew I wanted to pursue medicine, but was not happy with the conventional medical model, especially the duration of a typical visit being less than 10 minutes.  I learned of natural medicine from a friend and knew that would be the right path for me. I am a primary care physician, and my greatest passions are gastroenterology cases, chronic infections, including Lyme disease and mold illness, autoimmune conditions, transgender care, and reaching out to underserved communities. My favorite ways to help patients on their path to health is with herbal medicine, nutrition, counseling, low dose immunotherapy, physical medicine, and embodying the principal "doctor as teacher." While working on my naturopathy degree at NCNM, I spent 6 months on a cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine rotation at the Center for Natural Medicine, and 9 months at the SIBO clinic at NCNM specializing in the treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and IBD.  My passion for the microbial world helps to center my practice around the importance of having a healthy flora inside and outside of your body to maintain not only healthy gut function, but healthy brain and immune function as well.  I have also attended several continuing education seminars on mental healthcare and have found that 100% of my gut health patients have symptoms of depression, anxiety or both.  If I am not working with patients or studying their cases, I am likely enjoying live music, dancing, playing outside, or spending time with my dear friends and family.

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Location: Happy Valley