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      Jamie Crawford is Master Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and Natural Healer with a deep connection to spirit.  She has been practicing Reiki professionally since 2016 and has prior experience in medical offices. She has almost a decade experience as a Medical Assistant which gives her valuable knowledge about the human body; how it works and
heals. Jamie began her Reiki career by giving away 50 Free Reiki sessions which proved to be an invaluable period of growth and expansion for not only her career, also on a personal level. She has also volunteered as an Energy Healer at the Everett House Community Healing Nights. She is here to support greater balance, clarity, and graceful healing in a safe space.


     With each session, Jamie sets clear intentions for healing that is good and needful at the time; and you will feel the gentle vibration of Reiki energy pour through your body as she connects with your mind, body and spirit for intuitive guidance for the session.  As she receives information, she asks questions and helps you to understand what she is experiencing on your behalf for a relaxing, rejuvenating as well as an enlightening experience. Jamie specializes in manipulating the bodies energy to promote rest, relaxation, and stress management to complement and enhance your current health plan. As well as, chakra alignment and balancing, and in some cases have gone into the deep layers of past-life and karmic connections. Her sessions are individualized, relaxing and become whatever you need right now!