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Dr. Smythe is in network with CareOregon. She accepts workers' comp and motor vehicle accident claims. Out-of-network benefits may be available. Please check with your insurance carrier about coverage details.


Available: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Accepting new patients: YES

Ceili Smythe, ND

Ceili Smythe graduated from National University of Natural Medicine, where she pursued her interests in primary care and physical medicine. Through these initial interests, she fell in love with herbal and nutritional medicine, as well as women's health and mental health. Céilí is compassionate in her approach, and believes in meeting patients where they're at. Her goal is to optimize health through careful and manageable life adjustments that focus on longevity and quality of life.


While Céilí's  medical interests and knowledge may span broadly, her background in athletics and specific medical training make her an ideal choice to assess and treat physical ailments. She has abilities in Naturopathic Manipulation, myofascial bodywork, and manual massage. Céilí also uses more gentle modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, Somatic Re-Education, and Applied Kinesiology. Having treated many sports injuries in her medical training (and acquiring many herself), she has developed multiple strategies to treat both acute and chronic injuries/pain.


In addition to primary care, Céilí plans to enrich her practice further with specialized regenerative medicine, focused mainly on orthopedics. She currently trains under her mentor, Dr. Ryan Wood, and hopes to find a healthy balance between her broad and focused interests.


When she's not focused on medicine, you can find Céilí at a local crag or climbing gym, hiking the PNW, or farming. She also enjoys staying up to date on the latest fantasy and sci-fi novels, or watching Game of Thrones with her brothers.

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